TrueStory 1

"About 2 months into his therapy, Bishop, one of our Autistic clients, walked up to his mom and put his arm around her and said I love you. His parents both burst into tears, as this completely unprompted behavior was entirely new."

TrueStory 2

"We are so excited about the results we consistently see with our Autism Therapy Program! This 3-month protocol began with with a self-funded study that showed incredible improvements in 93% of participants. And now maintains above industry-standard results."Read More

TrueStory 3

"Samantha, a dyslexic ADHD client, began microcurrent therapy at the start of 7th grade. After previously averaging a 2.1 GPA, her parents, and most importantly Samantha herself, were overjoyed when she made the honor roll (3.5+ GPA) and easily maintained her improved grades for the entire school year."

The Alternative, Safe, & Effective Therapy Option

Microcurrent 4 Kids is San Diego's FIRST microcurrent therapy program for children with special needs, and as of 2020 we are now the ONLY non-profit organization providing this therapy on a donation basis. Our therapy is the BEST option for Autism & ADHD because of how well it promotes developmental growth. Microcurrent therapy stabilize the para-sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), reorganizes brainwave patterns and connections, and detoxifies the entire body. It couples well with PT, OT and speech, ABA and RDI, as well as all educational interventions. We are conveniently located in Kearny Mesa, just off the 163 freeway and Balboa Avenue.

If you are looking for autism treatment like cranial sacral, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), transcranial magnetic stimulation, FSM (frequency specific microcurrent), hyperbaric oxygenation, MRT (magnetic resonance therapy), chelation, or other alternative treatment options -give us a call to learn about how Microcurrent 4 Kids is the the BETTER choice for you and your family!

To make a donation and support a child through this incredible program, click here.

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