Frequently Asked Questions 


How safe are these instruments?

Our microcurrent machines are FDA approved and completely safe for individuals of all ages. In fact, all of our therapy protocols are specifically tailored to children. Our machines can only administer current at the same frequencies of the body's natural electrical system. Additionally, thanks to the input/output technology of our Electro-Equiscope device, the body is essentially "telling" the instrument the exact microcurrent frequency it needs.

What will my donation dollars do?

Donations are used simply to keep our clinic running. We use donations to pay rent, and other office expenses, as well as the hourly cost for our technicians to provide service to the individuals receiving therapy. In time we hope that we will have enough regular donations to grow our clinic, hire more technicians and serve more children and families!

Is there any pain or discomfort associated with therapy?

Most patients feel either nothing at all, or only a slight tapping sensation at the points on the body where the plates/probes are placed. Some experience a slight "prickling" sensation which is generally not painful. Our technicians adjust intensity levels to each patient's comfort level, in order to avoid any discomfort.

Is microcurrent the same as an electrical stimulation or TENS device?

No. Microcurrent instruments are the only electrical stimulation devices that have the capability to administer a small enough current that cells can and will respond to. TENS devices operate at a much higher frequency. Our microcurrent machines also are equipped with advanced input/output technology, enabling our devices to detect areas in the body that aren't receiving clear electrical signals, and then target those specific areas until clear connectivity is achieved. All TENS devices are basically bombardment devices, meaning they are NOT able to receive biofeedback and they are administering current at such a high frequency that cells cannot effectively respond to it.

Can my child use other therapies and treatments while doing microcurrent therapy?

Many parents come to us because they are frustrated with the lack of positive results with current treatments, or because they are tired of treating the symptom rather than the cause of the ailment. As such, it's quite likely that the need for other treatments will be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. However, these treatments are not contradicting to the use of our therapy. As such, you are welcome to continue any other treatment methods that you feel are effective.

What can I expect on my child's first session?

You will complete a medical history form and then usually meet with our staff practitioner for about 15 minutes to review your child's medical history and assess their overall health. Then you and your child will be introduced to the technology in a relaxing, spa-like environment as our technician administers the first session. The first visit generally lasts about an hour, with subsequent appointments lasting only about 30 minutes.

What can I expect after therapy?

Every person responds differently, as our bodies are all very different. 80-90% of patients report positive results, such as a reduction in distractibility and an improved ability to focus, after only one week of therapy. Nearly all other patients notice these improvements after their third or fourth week. A tiny number (less than 5%) of patients do not respond to therapy, which is almost always caused by outside health factors (and because we value your satisfaction, we will assess and help guide a course of action to help remedy the situation, if that occurs). Due to the rapid detoxification of damaged cells and those toxins flooding the body’s circulatory system, a few patients report feeling fatigue, headache, and/or nausea for a few hours/days after sessions, but this typically subsides quickly. Keeping your child hydrated throughout their program greatly helps to flush out these toxins and minimize these side effects.