Podcast Interview

Our founder, Rickie Lee Ryan, was invited to speak as a guest on the Alternative Health Tools podcast (formerly Health and Wellness in Encinitas), to discuss this therapy protocol and the positive changes that she's seen in her clients with Autism. Click the image below to hear Rickie's interview, and be sure to take note of her #1 wellness tip!

Parent Testimonials

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Quotes from Happy Parents

We love hearing from our patients' excited families when they experience new connections and see improved behaviors in their kids! These are just few of our favorite stories of success and triumph as a result of microcurrent therapy.

“Before (Microcurrent), he hardly ever said anything functional –just mostly screams and squeals and echolalia. Now we can have conversations!! He greets strangers and also is so much better at communicating his needs. Because of microcurrent treatment his school added Speech Therapy back onto his IEP –they took it off a year ago because for the 3 previous years he made NO progress. We couldn't be happier about his developing language!” –Ann N. Mom of 8 yr old with Autism
“He’s developed such a great affinity for sarcasm! Before (Microcurrent), my son just seemed ‘out to lunch’ and unaware of what was going on with everyone else in the room. Now he’s got all these funny comments he interjects into our conversations! His personality is just blossoming!” -Erinn R. Mom of 10 yr old with Asperger’s.
“She used to always be in her own world –like she had on blinders. Now she notices things going on with the family … Like the other night I was feeling tired and she said to me ‘Oh, you look tired -just sit and rest. I’ll take care of the dishes.’ That’s never happened before! I'm so grateful I found this amazing treatment for Autism” –Alejandra R. Mom of 12 yr old with Asperger’s.
"He is doing so much better in Math, his teachers are amazed! He gets good behavior reports from school almost every day now and I can tell he's so much happier! Before I found this treatment for ADHD he hated going to school, and now he's excited most mornings!" -Deborah B. Mom of 8 yr old with ADHD
“She’ll brush her own teeth and get ready for bed and all that now. The whole routine –I just say go get ready for bed and she does! Before (Microcurrent) we would have to do everything for her –like a toddler- and kind of like dragging her through each step –because she didn’t want to do any of it or something.” –Stephen R. Dad of 10 yr old with Autism.
"He is finally off his anti-psychotic meds!! When he turned 18, anger, fear and unpredictable mood swings became a huge problem. Now, at age 32, he his finally happy, calm, and relaxed! Medication was never able to do that for him. Microcurrent changed his entire life!" -Valerie S. Mom of 32 yr old with Autism.

To see more success stories from happy, satisfied clients, please visit our Yelp , Google+ , and Facebook pages. There you will find reviews written and posted online by our very own clients! You can also see a compilation of all the various social media reviews HERE.